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Protective anti-glare computer glasses are something that many full time computer operators choose not to wear.

Day after day people continue to stare into the potentially harmful artificial light and their eyes amazingly adapt to the strain, brightness and focal length automatically. Shop Liife Brand and stop the eye strain before it begins.

The real difference between us and them… our lenses.

Our lenses beat: Gunnar, Pixel Eyewear, Spektrum, Eye Kepper, Gamma Rays and Zenni Optical Beyond UV in side by side spectrophotometer testing, click and see for yourself!

New Liife® brand | Anti Glare Computer Glasses are as good as it gets for computer eye fatigue protection.

Our impact resistant lenses are UV400 and safe for ultraviolet light up to 400nm of solar radiation. We have also coated our lenses with anti blue light blocking agents along with premium anti computer glare protection to keep the harmful HEV and glare from reaching your eyes. The light gray tint is very relaxing to view through and increases your contrast indoors and out without distorting the wonderful colours of the world around you.

Liife hypoallergenic acetate frames are ultra-light and ultra-strong. They are the lightest computer glasses available anywhere, weighing out at only 12 grams. They are shock proof, impact resistant and pretty much unbreakable.

We have tested our anti glare eyewear for 1000’s of Graphic Design hours in front of dual LCD LED monitors and it’s our opinion our lenses work better than any computer glasses or anti blue light glasses in the market… hands down.

Try them for a few months and see the difference for yourself. We guarantee you won’t return them! 


Anti Glare Computer Glasses

Reduce Computer Eyestrain With Anti Glare Computer Glasses

You may not know this – but repetitive stress injury and eye strain are one of the most common ailments among computer users nowadays. If you are using the computer every day and are experiencing headaches, eye strains or just watering eyes – you are definitely a candidate for using anti glare computer glasses.


No matter how many computer breaks you take, you should know that eye strain and RSI are serious disorders and ignoring them definitely doesn’t help. Spending significant amount of time in front of the computer is what many users are fond of nowadays – and a problem that is usually hard to resolve.

Are Anti Glare Computer Glasses Solving All Of The Computer-Related Issues To Our Eyes?

The short answer is yes.

As for the long answer, anti glare computer glasses are found to be extremely effective – even when it isn’t our eyes alone. You may know that a lot of disorders start from the eyes. Headaches, for example, are a result of too much time spent in front of the computer. Since anti glare computer glasses stop the blue light from entering our eyes, they also eliminate the chance of headaches, migraines and potential eye disorders in the long run.

At the same time, the anti glare computer glasses are a phenomenal solution for increased productivity and better sleep. They help users optimize their workspace, work better and ultimately, get the right dose of sleep they need for their peak productivity.

What Do The Studies Show?

If you want to get expert opinion on the use of anti glare computer glasses, you are welcome. According to many studies at the University of Montreal, it was found that:

  • Wearing anti glare computer glasses reduces the symptoms of eyestrain by half during prolonged computer exposure. The study found that people who did not use them have had 2.42 symptoms of eye strain compared to the 1.47 symptoms coming from people using anti glare computer glasses. In short, using these glasses absolutely helps in the long run.
  • Wearing anti glare computer glasses also helps with the prevention of dry eyes, sticky eyes and the feeling of grittiness commonly known as ‘sand in the eyes’. These are all symptoms of eyestrain.
  • Wearing anti glare computer glasses also helps the overall vision and improves the visual performances in all situations of low contrast, whether it’s the computer, TV or smartphone that you are using

Which brings us to the conclusion.



although it may be hard for people to adopt using the anti glare computer glasses, it is a practice that the world is slowly shifting to. Our eyes are definitely among the most important parts of our body – and as such deserve expert care and attention.

How concerned are you for your eyes, productivity and sleep? If you are, you will most definitely consider buying anti glare computer glasses! Shop Liife Brand Here!


Blue Light Glasses

The 3 Major Benefits Of Blue Light Glasses

Are you considering purchasing a pair of blue light glasses to prevent possible disorders and protect your eyes?

Forget what you have read on the topic. Blue light glasses are reviewed by many ‘experts’ out there – but a lot of these reviews are biased and not true. Today, we are publishing a true review of these optics and why you need them.

In order for you to picture the use of blue light glasses better, you should know that they come with three major (and life-changing) benefits. We are listing them below.

1. They Protect Your Eyes

Blue light glasses are a product of the protective eyewear technology. That being said, they are able to shield your eyes against the effects of blue light – hence their name. They use a technology that adopts a special coating designed to reflect and cut high energy blue light penetration. This type of coating is referred to as blue light filter coating.

Thanks to this, the harmful portion of blue light entering our eyes and causing headaches and stains can be blocked. That way, blue light glasses protect our eyes from the harmful blue light entering them.

2. They Get You Rid Of Potential Disorders And Eventually A Loss Of Vision

In an era driven by computers and artificial lights coming from everywhere (smartphones, tablets, TV units etc.), it is safe to say that blue light glasses are the only way to shield our eyes against this artificial light.

The good thing is that blue light glasses can be worn for both prevention and curing these effects. They are found to work in both of the cases, reducing the amount of harmful light entering the eyes, that may cause eye strain, headaches and potential disorders leading to loss of vision over time.

3. They Help You Sleep Better (And Work Better)

According to many studies, the blue part of the spectrum inhibits the body’s production of melatonin. As you probably know, this hormone helps people fall asleep. Hence, the use of blue light glasses helps us sleep better.

At the same time, blue light glasses are the perfect productivity accessory. Since they don’t cause any eye strain or headaches while not reducing our melatonin levels, they help us become more productive, sleep better and work better. Over the long run, this most certainly means a lot.

A Final Word

In the end, blue light glasses are found to work for a lot of people. From improving the visual abilities and computer usage to the work environmental conditions and our viewing habits – they are a great way to prevent eye disorders and not feel tired at the end of the day – while being able to fall asleep.

So, have you decided to purchase a pair of blue light glasses yet? Shop Liife Brand Today!


Best Computer Glasses

15 Benefits Of Using The Best Computer Glasses

If you are using your computer more than your bike, it’s time for a quick eye health check. Are your eyes victims to the artificial light – causing headaches, eye strain and wet eyes? Do you feel tired when using the computer excessively – even so tired that you cannot sleep?


If your answer to these questions is yes, you most definitely need some help. And the best way to help yourself and your excessive use of the computer is simple – purchase the best computer glasses. In case you didn’t know, the term best computer glasses relates to glasses that you can wear in order to stop the artificial light of your computer from entering your eyes.

By doing this, you will experience all of these benefits:

  1. reduce eye strain – eye strain is a serious disorder resulting from excessive use of the computer or artificial lighting
  2. prevent headaches – headaches are symptoms of eye strain that can easily turn to migraines if your excessive use of the computer without proper solution continues
  3. work better – thanks to the best computer glasses, you will be able to work better
  4. be more productive – since you won’t experience any strain or headaches, the use of the best computer glasses will help you be more productive and finish more work in less time
  5. not feeling tired – the best computer glasses will give you one key benefit – you won’t feel tired no matter how long you stare at the screen of your computer, TV or smartphone
  6. sleep better – no more nights spent in twisting and turning in your bed – with the best computer lights, you will sleep like a baby and your eyes will rest properly
  7. reduce glare – the brightness of your screen can be reduced thanks to wearing these computer glasses
  8. blink more often – you will blink more often when wearing the best computer glasses, preventing the eyes from drying
  9. focus on detail – it goes without saying that when using the best computer glasses, you will be able to focus on things in detail and see better
  10. no need for breaks – although you must take breaks during your working hours, the use of these computer glasses will let you take them whenever you want to – instead of whenever you need to
  11. no limits – you won’t need to limit the amount of screen time – and your productivity will burst
  12. adjust to objects – using computer glasses will help you adjust to objects better and focus on everything better
  13. age doesn’t matter – no matter how young or old you are, your age doesn’t matter – as long as you use the best computer glasses, you are saving your eyes
  14. protect your eyesight – with the use of the best computer glasses, you will be able to protect your eyesight for years to come
  15. look better – some people say that people with glasses look more intelligent – are you aiming for this goal as well?

As you can see, there are tons of benefits of wearing the best computer glasses. Have you found yours yet?

Good luck! Shop Liife Brand Online Today!